About the FRPath Project


What is FRPath?

 The FRPath Project is an educational project designed to serve as a single source of key information about Facilitated Regulatory Pathways (FRPs).  FRPs are regulatory approaches used by ministries of health to reduce the burden of duplicative regulatory activities, helping to make the development and assessment of safe, effective, quality medicines more efficient and timely thereby promoting efficient access to important medicines worldwide.  


How did FRPath get Started?

In 2010, Erudee Foundation Board Member Larry Liberti began conversations with Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands, about his interest in the emerging field of accelerated regulatory pathways. Through these interactions, Dr Liberti began his doctoral work to investigate in detail how new regulatory pathways could help accelerate access to important new therapies, importantly while ensuring the safe and effective use of quality medicines. This work culminated in his doctoral thesis and a passion for understanding and sharing information around this rapidly evolving field.  As his doctoral work evolved, the term "Facilitated Regulatory Pathways (FRPs)" emerged and has become the global term for these important, innovative, efficient regulatory pathways.  

Because of the great need to educate all stakeholders about FRPs, the Erudee Foundation has supported Dr Liberti in his ongoing passion and interest in ensuring that companies, agencies, patients, payers and other stakeholders can have access to the most current information about FRPs around the world. The result of this support is FRPath.org.